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22606 186th Avenue
Cold Spring  MN  56320
PHONE: 800-450-6969

The B52 model starts with a 5 yard waste debris body, and comes standard with 2000 gallons fresh water for cleaning.  This truck is a tandem axel truck with a low profile design!
Looking for a combination jet/vacuum unit? There are a lot of models to pick from, each slightly different than the next.  We understand that not one operator has exactly the same needs as the next. We allow you the ability to customize your purchase.  Scroll through the option pages to design one today!
The B6 model is our only single axel unit on the contract.  This unit comes standard with a 6 yard debris body, and 800 gallons of fresh water for cleaning.  Perfect for a small operation!
The most popular model, the B10! This unit has many different variations of water capacity and builds, and is by far the most versatile unit out there.  This unit has a 10 yard debris body, and standard with 1150 gallons of fresh water.  Most people will add extra water to make this unit even more powerful in the field!
OR CALL 800-450-6969

Aquatech Jet/Vacuum Unit MN State Equipment Contract- 2017
If 10 yard debris is not enough, how about 15 yards?  This unit is a bit bigger in size, however it is built with a standard 15 yard debris capacity, but still maintaining 1500 gallons of freshwater without extending the unit out any further.  There is no job too big or too small!
If you like the B10, but you would rather have the reel in the front than the F10 is for you.  This unit comes standard with a behind the cab tool box, including a 10 yard debris tank!
Just like the B15, only this reel is mounted in the front.  The work station is orientated towards the front, while maintaining a very efficient unit.  Check one out today!