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Aquatech Combination Unit Models
Are you looking for a jet/vac combination unit? You came to the right place, here you will find a description of each model to determine the best fit for your demands.

Below is a list of available Aquatech combination cleaners....
The B52 model starts with a 5 yard waste debris body, and built standard with 2000 gallons fresh water for cleaning.  This truck is a tandem axel truck with a low profile design which will be built to fit under a 12 foot door, while maintaining roughly 33' cab to axel.  If your primary job is jetting sewer lines, this is the right truck for you.  There are many options available for this unit, so you can customize it as you desire!
The B6 model is our only single axel unit on the contract.  This unit is built standard with a 6 yard debris body, and 800 gallons of fresh water for cleaning.  Due to the low water volume, this truck is equipped with 3/4" hose, and has a pump capacity of 50-65 GPM @ 2000 PSI.  If shop space is an issue, or you just don't have the need for a full size truck, then this model is for you!
The most popular model in the industry, the B10! This unit has many different variations of water capacity and builds, and is by far the most versatile unit out there.  This unit has a 10 yard debris body, and built standard with 1150 gallons of fresh water.  Most people will add extra water to make this unit even more powerful in the field, allowing 1450 or 1650 gallons of freshwater for cleaning.
If 10 yard debris is not enough, how about 15 yards?  This unit is a bit bigger in size, however it is built with a standard 15 yard debris capacity, but still maintaining 1500 gallons of freshwater without extending the unit or adding any additional cost.  There is no job too big or too small! 
This would be the F10's big brother, again front mount hose reel with a front area workstation with much bigger capacities.  This unit will have a 15 yard debris tank as well as 1500 gallons of water standard built.  This truck is still light enough to be mounted on a tandem axel truck of your choice.  
Since 1967, Aquatech has been a name synonymous with the highest quality sewer cleaning equipment available. Our line consists of Combination Jet/Vac Systems (both rear reel and front reel design), Water Jetters, and Catch Basin Cleaners.

Aquatech was the first company to recognize the safety and operational advantages of having the reel mounted on the rear rather than the front and has been the leader in this design for decades. Our B Series (rear reel-mounted design) and F Series (front reel-mounted design) give our customers the option to have the system that they prefer.

Municipalities throughout the world have benefited from Aquatech technology. Available from a dedicated dealer network throughout North and South America, the Aquatech line of products is designed to promote a sustainable environment by providing innovative technologies that optimize the effectiveness of sanitary networks and wastewater systems.

For all you front mount reel lovers Aquatech has designed a unit for you. Just like the B10, this unit is built standard with a 10 yard debris tank, and 1150 gallons of freshwater for cleaning.  You have the ability to add an extra 300 gallons of water to this model for a total of 1450 gallons freshwater.