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Pathfinder series is leading the industry in technology.  This package will give you all the latest and greatest features improving your efficiency in the field!
View the current year pricing per MN State Equipment Contract by Category.  Each Category will have a complete options and pricing pages.
Are you looking for something simple? The Badger series will give you lots of power while maintaining simplicity.  We like to refer to the Badger as the flagship of the industry!
Trailer installations are very popular in the industry.  Here you will be able to customize your trailer outfit package including all available options!
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"Flexible Pipe Tool Company is the best place in town for customer service. We not only try to meet, but exceed your expectations"
Aries Video Equipment Availiable On State Contract-2017
This outfitting package will include all the options you need to build a low profile mobile inspection system.  Van installations include sprinters, 1 tons, and raised roof vans!
The biggest bang for your buck! With the Hi Cube van you start with a cutaway chassis, pick your box size, and start laying out the inside.  This package will give you lots of versatility while still maintaining a low cost!
For the small jobs a push camera is a great tool to have. In this section you can design your portable inspections system!