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22606 186th Avenue
Cold Spring  MN  56320
PHONE: 800-450-6969

The 800H truck jet is a fully enclosed straight jet machine carrying 1500 gallons of fresh water for cleaning.  This machine will come standard with a fixed hose reel.
Here you will find a list of truck mounted jet machines that are available on the MN State Equipment Contract.  Simply select the model you are interested in and load the excel spread sheet.
The 800 HPR Eco truck jet is also a fully enclosed unit carrying 1500 gallons of fresh water.  This truck was re-designed for efficiency in the field running at lower RPM.  This model also includes an extending/articulating hose reel.
This model is everything the 800 HPR would be and more! This unit includes dual extending hose reels for cleaning and televising sewer lines.  The primary hose reel would be for cleaning, and the secondary reel would be for the camera system on board.
OR CALL 800-450-6969

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Sewer Equipment Company Truck Mounted Jet Contract- 2017