Mainline Cameras

Aries Industries is a leader in the design and manufacturing of Pipeline Video Inspection, Rehabilitation, and Water Well Inspection equipment.

Push Cameras

Hathorn® manufactures push camera systems that are Municipal Grade, proudly designed and manufactured in North America, priced within reach of every plumber and municipality.

Nozzle Cameras

enz® Camera – the camera nozzle with integrated data management

The enz® Camera Nozzle adds a new dimension to the enz® nozzle product range! The modular design allows universal use with all nozzle types, such as the eBomb or the eBulldog, and thus guarantees streak-free all-around cleaning in every application! The HD-ready resolution and 12 high-power LEDs deliver high-resolution video footage for quality control, documentation, and preliminary inspection. Data management is fully integrated into the system through the WiFi interface and connection to the enz® Cloud. All your manholes and channels are automatically mapped on Google Maps with the videos. The enz® Camera Nozzle, which is simple, fast, and robust, increases productivity without any negative impact on the cleaning performance or quality.