Aries Cameras

Aries Industries is a leader in the design and manufacturing of Pipeline Video Inspection, Rehabilitation, and Water Well Inspection equipment.

The Wolverine® 2.0 Cutting System includes:

  • Powerful crawler to maneuver around obstacles
  • Reel with 500′ of cable to minimize set uptime
  • Camera with in-the-pipe lens cleaning technology

The vehicle-mounted system is designed and built at Aries US-based plant with stainless steel and brass construction and integrated electrical cabling.

Aries Mainline Inspection Cameras

Capture high-quality images in pipes 6″ relined or larger. Built to withstand challenging pipe conditions and designed to maximize productivity, our cameras help you complete inspections quickly and accurately.

Aries Pathfinder Series

Inspect 6″ relined or larger mainlines quickly and accurately with a steerable, self-propelled tractor from our Pathfinder Series. Our range of models, Large Line Kits, and wheel sizes ensure you get the right tractor for any combination of distance, condition, and pipe size.

  • Powerful, six-wheel, steerable drive to navigate around obstacles
  • All-in-one remote control for complete operator control
  • Operates in power forward, power reverse, steer-left, steer-right and freewheel modes
  • Compact design for superior maneuverability

The LETS 6.0 Lateral Inspection System

Versatile and powerful, setting up quickly to navigate a range of pipe contours in mainlines 6″ or larger. The tractor is equipped with a camera to observe mainline conditions and monitor the lateral camera launch. A  contoured chute enables the lateral camera to be easily deployed with or against the flow at a 135-degree launch angle.