RAMVAC by Sewer Equipment brings you the AX air excavator truck series.  Offered on a Class 6 chassis, the AX doesn’t require a CDL certification to drive or operate. Due to its single-engine design, operators can excavate with both air and water, effectively requiring only one truck.  Additionally, all AX water systems are contained within a single heated enclosure for cold weather application. The RAMVAC AX offers the most cubic feet of standard tool storage on the market. RAMVAC designs its trucks from the ground up to be simple, powerful, and the most maneuverable in the industry.

Quick Look at Specifications

Chassis Class 6 - No CDL Required

Air System 185 CFM @ 150 PSI (available up to 300 CFM @ 250 PSI)

Water Capacity 50 Gallons

Debris Capacity 2 yd (3 yd available)

Vacuum System 1400 CFM @ 16" Hg (also available with 3000 CFM @ 18-27" Hg)

Additional Features Wireless Remote, Central Lubrication System, Air Purge System, Recirculation System, Anti-Freeze System

From tool storage to operation controls, this truck was designed to make overall operation and maintenance easy and accessible. Major functions and maintenance points are accessed from ground level for increased operator safety. 12 Volt electrical controls and manual hand valves allow for on-site troubleshooting in the field and quick maintenance, as replacements parts are available at any standard hardware store.

Truck speed has been designed to lower overall RPMs, consumes considerably less fuel than traditional designs, adding to your bottom line every year. Perhaps more importantly, low RPMs equate to lower noise emissions. Complaints while operating in residential areas are minimized, and operators recognize a higher level of safety when they are able to hear each other and the traffic around them.

This one truck provides the ability to pothole using a 4″ port, as well as conduct major excavating utilizing a 6″ port. The AX series offers standard payload capacities from 5,000 to 12,000 lbs. while its hydraulic rear door allows operators to dump spoils quickly and easily

The AX series allows you to customize your blower to achieve the results you need ni any application, as it offers a variety of blower capacities including 18″ or 27″ Hg, 1400 or 3000 CFM and hose diameter of 6″ or 4″. The addition of the Dig Deep boom carries powerful air flow while providing any operator the ability to dig ten feet below grade.

This series is one module that can be mounted on two different chassis. The AX module is offered on a Class 6 chassis that requires no CDL certification to drive and operate. The AX-XL mounts on a Class 7 chassis for operators looking for increased payload with the ability to hydro excavate, in addition to digging with air.


The RAMVAC Air System is the secret behind our industry-leading performance. The RAMVAC Air System is designed to deliver industry-leading air movement while providing the maximum protection for your blower. 

The first stage in the RAMVAC Air System is airflow through the boom. The material will impact the back of the receiver box and start to drop into the tank. As the material enters the tank, it is directed toward the front of the tank to provide for even distribution. The air entering the tank along with the material is routed from the single 8″ entry point to dual 8″ exit points located at each side of the entry. Thus slowing down the airflow and improving material separation. 

The second stage of the RAMVAC Air System takes the air from the tank and routes it into our cyclone filters. At this point, the cyclonic action of these filters propels any remaining material to the side walls of the filters and then down into an easily maintained collection box. 

In the third stage of the RAMVAC Air System, the air moves from the cyclone filter into the dual 10-micron final filters. These washable filters will capture any fine particles remaining in the air stream before allowing the air to pass through the positive displacement blower.

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