Mainline Inspection Cameras

Sewer Inspection

Aries mainline video inspection cameras capture high-quality images in pipes 6″ relined or larger. Built to withstand challenging pipe conditions and designed to maximize productivity, our cameras help you complete inspections quickly and accurately.

WiperCam Pan & Tilt
Models PE3430 / PE3530

The WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera features continuous, 360°rotation and maintenance-free lighting. Its 270° unobstructed viewing angle and 120x zoom provide a detailed view of the pipe.

Innovative Design

Complete jobs faster because of the WiperCam self-cleaning lens technology. The lens is cleaned as the camera head rotates across the field-replaceable wiper blades. This innovative design enables the operator to return to productive inspections seconds after cleaning.

• For mainline pipes 6” diameter relined and up
• Adaptable to almost any multi-conductor CCTV system
• Compatible with all Aries tractors

• Self-cleaning lens system with field-replaceable
• 120:1 zoom capability, 10x-optical, 12x-digital

• Continuous 360° camera head rotation
• 270° unobstructed viewing angle
• Resolution of 720 (H) lines
• Spherical viewing capabilities in excess of 90%
• PE3430 horizontal pan to home / PE3530 vertical tilt
to home options

• Ultra-low light sensitive .05 lux
• Automatic exposure compensation
• Natural white LED lighting
• “Starlight” light enhancement feature
• Automatic iris compensation

• Internally pressurized with on-screen monitoring
• On-screen diagnostics continually monitor internal
camera conditions

• Shock resistant
• Break-resistant, scratch-proof sapphire camera
• Operates on up to 2,000’ of multi-conductor cable
• Optional crosshair generating lasers for crack

Detailed Video Capture

  • 270° unobstructed viewing angle to view with-the-flow laterals and tractor wheels
  • 360° camera head rotation for a full view of the pipe
  • 120x zoom and high intensity LED light ring to see pipe details

Maximum Productivity

  • Self-cleaning lens system and field replaceable wipers for more time in the pipe
  • SMARTEK internal diagnostics for monitoring camera conditions
  • Adaptable to almost any multiconductor system

Durable Construction

  • Corrosion-resistant materials forlong life in harsh pipe conditions
  • Internally pressurized to verify seal
  • Scratch-proof and crack-resistant sapphire lens window to withstand tough environments

Illumi-Zoom Camera
Models PE2620 / PE2720

The Illumi-Zoom features continuous 360° rotation, maintenance-free LED lighting, and 40x zoom for full visibility.

Delivering Innovation

Capture high-quality images in pipes 6″ relined or larger with Aries Illumi-Zoom
Pan & Tilt camera. Equipped with 40x zoom and maintenance-free LED lighting to
maximize your view of the pipe.

Features of Models PE2620 / PE2720

  • Continuous, 360° camera head rotation for a complete view of the pipe
  • 40x zoom to capture detail
  • “Starlight” light enhancement and automatic iris compensation maximize visibility
  • SMARTEK internal on-screen diagnostics for continuous monitoring of internal operating system
  • High-intensity, maintenance-free LED lighting
  • Internally pressurized to prevent leakage
  • Automatically pans to the home position

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