Compact Sweepers

CityCat V20

With 2.3 ton payload and 5.29-ton gross weight, the CityCat V20 delivers an outstanding load capacity for excellent sweep performance while offering an unmatched combination of articulated steering and a state-of-the-art diesel engine.

CityCat V20e

Useable around the clock, the second-generation electric-powered sweeper with 2.3-ton payload and 5.3-ton gross weight, delivers an outstanding load capacity for outstanding sweep performance while being respectful to its surroundings.

CityCat VR50e

The Bucher CityCat VR50e compact street sweeper sets a new standard for compact sweepers with its unique design and pioneering technology.

CityCat 5006

The whole package sets standards for performance and range with its high suction power, large hopper and a huge water storage capacity.