Model 800 ECO

Truck Jet


The Model 800-HPR ECO Series IV truck jet from Sewer Equipment CO. of America offers the same great features as the ECO, such as fully-baffled Duraprolene® water tanks, eco-friendly operating system, 190-degree rotation of the hose reel and an insulated, heated enclosure housing all water components, but has raised the bar with a host of new features. This all-weather truck’s rear door closes fully while the hose reel is extended, keeping heat inside the enclosure where water components are stored. It offers wintertime recirculation of the water system at highway speeds, a retractable canopy for sun and inclement weather and boiler to provide onboard hot water for cold weather applications. The dual reel configuration touts two hose reels in one location with the secondary reel allowing for the addition of a televising jet pod or small line sewer hose, giving operators the ability to perform multiple applications using one truck. With ergonomic controls, an operator station situated between hose reels in a dual hose reel configuration, and a secondary operators station at midship, the optimized interface of the Series IV provides a more efficient and safer working environment for its operators.

Quick Look at Specifications

Length: 22‘11" Width: 8’4" Height: 11’4"

Axle Configuration: Single or Tandem Axle

Max Water Capacity: 1500-3000 Gallon

Max Hose Capacity: 1000’ Hose Size: 1/2" - 1"


ROTATING HOSE REEL: This unique design allows for storage of the hose reel in the temperature controlled chamber when not in use. During operation, the rear roll-up door opens and the hose reel extends out and is now able to rotate a total of 190 degrees. This allows maximum access to remote manholes, reduces operator fatigue, as well as minimizes operator exposure to “high traffic zones”


CLIMATE-CONTROLLED SHROUDED COMPARTMENT: Our unique, heated enclosure allows safe operation in temperatures well below freezing without worries of damaged pumps or plumbing. With a fully-welded one piece steel or all aluminum construction available, your truck will still look great inside and outside after years of exposure to the elements. Regardless of your climate, the locking roll up doors offer unequaled security for your truck and the equipment you carry to your job site.


ECO OPERATING PLATFORM: Operating at lower RPMs than the competition, the 800-HPR consumes considerably less fuel than traditional designs, adding to your bottom line each year. Perhaps more importantly, low RPMs equate to low noise emissions. Complaints from residents are minimized, and operators recognize a higher level of safety when they can hear each other and the traffic around them.


DURAPROLENE® WATER TANKS: Our exclusive Duraprolene® water tank design has a multitude of benefits. Unlike aluminum or steel, Duraprolene® is 100% immune to long term damage caused by water and deicers, such as magnesium chloride and common road salt. The square design holds more water per linear foot than round tanks, which is a major key to building a truck with a 1,500 gallon standard water capacity that is under 23’ in length. With driver safety in mind, each tank is fully baffled to eliminate water surge while turning and stopping.


OPERATOR CONTROL STATION: After simply parking the truck in neutral and engaging the parking brake, all jet functions are controlled from the operator control station via 3 switches moving from left to right:
1. Work Mode – ON
2. Water Pump – ON
3. Throttle – Up/Down
All controls are housed in a NEMA 4 box with washdown rated switches and gauges. All wiring is color coded and each manual contains a wiring diagram specific to your truck’s serial number

The 800 Truck Jet series offers a number of different configurations based on the needs of each customer, with the most popular being the Model 800-HPR ECO Series IV. This configuration offers a host of unique design features, making it the most productive, environmentally-friendly and safest truck-mounted jetter on the market.

Maximizing run time is the best way to improve the performance of your cleaning crew, and the 800 Truck Jet is designed with this in mind. A single axle package with 1,500 gallons of standard water capacity provides operators with an easy-to-maneuver footprint while maximizing cleaning footage between water refills. If more is better, our exclusive Duraprolene® water tanks allow capacities of 1,500, 2,000, and 3,000 gallons. With water on board, our climate-controlled shrouded compartment with an 80,000 BTU heater keeps the pump, rear hose reel, and plumbing warm during cold weather applications.

The unique construction of the Duraprolene® tank includes a fully-baffled interior, eliminating dangerous surges of water when stopping or turning with thousands of pounds of water on board. Additionally, the fully-extendable rotating hose reel allows operators to position themselves with minimal exposure to traffic and other potential hazards. For additional safety, operators can option their truck with our wireless remote pendant which provides the operator full control of jetting operations from up to 1,500 feet away

The exclusive ECO operating system combines with simplicity and efficiency of a PTO hydrostatic pump drive with a power plant that operates at lower RPM than traditional designs. Trucks equipped with ECO options experience less engine wear and lower fuel consumption, saving operators time and money.

One of the greatest dangers facing cleaning crews today is the intrusion of utilities into sewers; particularly natural gas lines. The addition of televising capabilities allow operators to positively identify such obstructions before using aggressive cleaning nozzles or root cutters. Many other options, such as a rear backup camera, various pump configurations, safety lighting packages, wash down system, and toolboxes can be chosen to maximize operator safety and productivity.

Model 800-HPR ECO Series IV Truck Jet The newest version of the 800 Truck Jet is the Model 800-HPR ECO Series IV, offering all the same features as the 800-HPR ECO but with a host of new options to meet the growing needs of the market, which is an all-weather truck jet. The 800-HPR ECO Series IV comes standard with a full closing rear door while the hose reel is extended, providing maximum heat retention inside the shrouded compartment where vital water components are stored A retractable canopy protects the operator from sun and inclement weather. The hot water heater delivers hot water to the wash down reel, lateral reel, and jetting circuits for cold weather and grease applications. Additionally, this series offers the ability for winter-time recirculation of the water system at highway speeds.

The dual reel configuration touts two hose reels in one location with the secondary reel allowing for the addition of a televising jet pod or small line sewer hose, giving operators the ability to perform multiple applications using only one truck. The addition of multiple operator stations increases operator efficiency and safety, with one station located between the dual hose reels and a second at midship. While you may be able to find these features and options spread across offerings by various manufacturers, the 800-HPR ECO Series IV is the only truck jet that can deliver them all in a single tuck. The 800-HPR ECO Series IV just raised the bar again.


Make your truck jet a true multi-purpose piece of equipment. With the 800-HPRTV ECO Series IV, there is no more waiting around for a camera truck and crew when you hit an obstruction in the line. Your operator can utilize the televising capabilities of the 800-HPRTV ECO Series IV to diagnose the issue on the spot and even go so far as document the obstruction or event, depending on the truck platform you choose.
No need to purchase a camera truck and jetting truck when you can have two functions in one truck. You will require a smaller crew, as fewer operators are needed to run one truck equipped with both jetting and televising capabilities.
With the 800-HPRTV ECO Series IV or TV Crew, you can decrease your physical footprint by having only one truck that can perform both televising and jetting functions, and not requiring the use of separate camera truck and jetting truck.

800 Series Hose Reel

Sewer Equipment has been a leading manufacturer in the sewer cleaning industry for many years, and when it comes to new equipment technology, we are always developing innovative ways to address the concerns and needs of our customers. Sewer Equipment holds a patent for the extendable/retractable hose reel. This feature of our hose reel, paired with its ability to rotate 190 degrees and a number of other features, makes the Model 800-HPR ECO Series IV the best jetting truck for your application.

The Model 800-HPR ECO Series IV offers a hose reel that rotates 190 degrees and locks at every two inch interval. This allows operators to set up the machine directly facing the manhole, while remaining out of the path of traffic, increasing safety for and effectiveness of the operator.

The hose reel extends in and out of the shroud by means of a hydraulic cylinder, resulting in smooth and reliable movement of the hose reel.

Like a house, your hose reel needs a strong foundation. We mount our hose reel on an industrial bearing rated at 5,000 pounds for security and stability.

Sewer Equipment offers 1½” rolled flanges as standard equipment on all hose reel assemblies in order to eliminate the possibility of the sewer hose being cut while interfacing with the hose reel. This design also increases the structural integrity of the hose reel side.

Exclusive to Sewer Equipment machines, the automatic level wind provides hydraulic up/down action which allows
operators to access hard-to-reach manholes by raising and lowering the level wind to properly align the sewer hose with the manhole. This feature, coupled with the rotating reel, will give any operator better alignment with the manhole.

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