Taurus Series

Aries Camera Tractor

The Aries Taurus series is a fast, strong, sturdy, responsive tread-drive transporter that is designed in an all-stainless steel construction that will not rust or degrade. The waterproof motor and transmission with hermetically sealed electrical connection provide for a completely maintenance-free drivetrain. This proven, tread-drive transporter is a top performer in pipes 6” and up

Taurus Features:

The Aries TR2000 and TR2120 are self-propelled tread drive transporters for 6” to 30” lines.

  • Continuous duty, industrial grade motor and transmission
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Weighted balanced chassis assures long-distance pulls from one entry point through multiple manhole runs
  • Custom-designed contoured rubber feet provide positive traction bite
  • Carbon-coated steel chains add strength and minimize chain stretch
  • Proven transmission with forward/neutral/reverse capabilities for operator convenience and faster cable reel pullbacks
  • Operates from any multi-conductor truck or portable system

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