Hathorn H12+

Command Module

  • Industry’s brightest 12″ screen with 1,300 cd/m2
  • New intuitive menus in three languages – English, French and Spanish
  • One-touch video recording (MPEG4) and screenshot (JPEG) to USB & HDD
  • Recording pause, video playback, fast forward, and rewind.
  • On-screen footage
  • 9.5lbs and slim design – lightest in its class
  • 128Gb HDD with an option to upgrade to 512Gb at any time.  That offers the user over 100 hours of recording capability or over 400 hours with the upgraded 512 GB HDD
  • Adjustable camera headlighting
  • Prominent information bar for client/company information
  • 8 pages of on-screen text writing
  • 512Hz & 640Hz sonde control
  • Powered by 18v Milwaukee™ or compatible batteries or 12V AC/DC adaptor
  • Genuinely North American-made
  • Military-grade faceplates and connectors
  • Full-sized keyboard with silicon water-resistant cover
  • 12″ impact resistant screen

The Hathorn® H12+ is in a class of its own with the brightest daylight-readable 12″ LCD screen in the industry. It has almost three times the brightness of the leading brand providing stunning picture quality, high contrast, and 8X digital “pan &zoom” technology revealing details missed by other pipe inspection cameras. Available with Wi-Fi as an option, the H12+ has menus in three languages (English, French, and Spanish), compatibility with al Hathorn reels past, present, and future from 100- 500ft., unique on-screen job information bar and text overlay features, two sonde frequencies (512Hz & 640Hz) and industry-leading on-board file storage. The H12+ comes standard with a 128Gb hard drive which is upgradeable to 512Gb allowing the user to save MPEG videos and JPEG screenshots to either the HDD or to a USB stick. This offers the user over 100 hours of recording capability or over 400 hours with the upgraded 512Gb HDD. Powered by 18V Milwaukee® (or equivalent) batteries, the H12+ will run up to 4 hours on a single charge. Batteries are sold separately.

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