Skid Mounted Easement Machine


With great features such as a 180-degree rotating safety hose reel, safety pressure relief valve, and a 5 GPM/10 GPM hydraulic tool circuit for powering bypass pumps and hydraulic saws, the JAJ-600SK is mounted on a skid to be used with your existing skid steer tractor. Available options for increased efficiency include automatic level wind, with hydraulic up/down action, safety lights, work lights, tandem transport trailer, and more.

Quick Look at Specifications

Length: 5‘6" Width: 4’3" Height: 4’4"

Hydraulic Requirement 10gpm @ 2000psi

Mounting Standard SAE-J2S13

Max Hose Capacity: 1" x 600’

JAJ-600 Series

Are certain sewer pipes in your community neglected due to hard-to-reach manholes? Do your maintenance crews have to manually drag hose across easements or do they cause damage to yards, golf courses or environmentally-sensitive areas when trying to get their trucks close enough to service these remote lines? If this is the case, a Sewer Equipment Company of America easement machine would be an invaluable asset to your fleet. Offered in two configurations, the JAJ-600WH (extendable track) and JAJ-600SK (skid mounted) units extend the reach of your sewer jetting truck or trailer by 500 feet or more and reduce sewer overflows by easing maintenance tasks.

For safety and ease of use, our reel rotates 180° and can lock every two inches allowing operators to position the machine directly facing the manhole. This is important because although the Work Horse is extremely maneuverable, there may be applications and evnironments where it is more difficult to position directly over the manhole. It also reduces the need for turning on wet ground.

This unique option allows for “hands free” winding of the sewer hose on the hose reel without the operator touching the sewer hose. This option will incorporate a drive system, which scrolls a pivoting four roller head back and forth across the hose reel for proper winding of sewer hose onto reel. The system is equipped with a hydraulic-controlled elevation system, which incorporates dual cylinders and a pivot arm to raise and lower the level wind guide depending on the location of the manhole. Level Wind raises and lowers a minimum of 45 degrees.

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