Titan Series

Aries Camera Tractor

The Aries Titan steerable, all-wheel drive, large pipe transporter inspects 21” or larger pipelines. Combine its remote steering capabilities with 360 degree turning radius and remote camera lift to enjoy the most versatile large-line tractor available today

Titan Features:

The Aries TR7000 is a steerable, self-propelled transporter for large-line applications.

  • Power forward and power reverse stainless steel sealed mechanical clutch with forward, reverse, and free wheel neutral position
  • Variable speed drive from zero to 60’ per minute in both forward and reverse
  • Two electric motor drives, 1/4hp total, continuous duty rated and waterproof housing
  • Adjustable wheel axle length for large line stability – 19” or 24”
  • Remote auto camera lift
  • Built-in lighting system: 300 watts with auxiliary power box

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