Aries Camera Vans

Sewer Inspection

STANDARD LAYOUT. Our standard van design evolved from years of listening to what our customers want from their vehicles. Thoughtfully designed for operator comfort, safety and with easy access to equipment and extras – we’ve considered every detail.

CUSTOMIZED BUILDS. What really sets Aries vehicles apart is the wide range of customization options we can offer. From extra lighting, additional storage, to climate control and safety features, we make sure the van you get is the one your crew needs to maximize their time in the field.

Popular Customizations

Bulkhead pass through door

Wall-mounted heater with desk switch

Additional seating

Additional power outlets or lighting

Upgraded desk chair

Rotating seat (Sprinter)

Control Room Standard Features

  • Spacious workspace with adjustable LED lighting
  • Laminate desk with chair
  • Desktop or wall-mounted monitors
  • Sliding bulkhead window for ease of communication & visibility
  • Climate controlled with standard ceiling-mounted air conditioning
  • Secure cabinetry with adjustable shelving
  • Durable lonplate flooring and pewter, cleanable walls

Equipment Room Standard Amenities

  • Expansive area for equipment, storage and workspace
  • Heavy-duty flooring
  • Easy-clean walls
  • 5-drawer toolbox with workbench & vise
  • GFI plug outlet system for operator safety
  • Wall-mounted storage rack
  • Pole storage tube
  • 19 gallon wash down system

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