Bucher MaxPowa V65e

Electric Truck Sweeper

MaxPowa V65e
Engineered to last, designed to perform

100% electric truck-mounted sweeper. The MaxPowa V65e is offering a solution for zero emissions sweeping combined with longer on-station time, ease of use and low operational costs. 

Quick Look at Specifications

8.5 yd³ hopper capacity

128" wheelbase

410-gallon water tank

Wireless discharge control

Up to 13,227 pound payload

Transit range of up to 124 miles

Designed to last in the toughest environments

The MaxPowa V65e hopper is manufactured from 1.4003 stainless steel, shot blasted with aluminum oxide prior to the application of a strontium based primer followed by a hard wearing top coat. In addition, all grey parts such as the sweepgear, powerpack and subframe are shot blasted and electro-magnetically powder painted in a durable two part epoxy paint finish. This ensures the sweeper continues to look as good as it performs, retaining a high residual value or longer in-service life.

Monitor sweeper performance

The CANbus system monitors sweeper performance and provides daily checks. The display incorporates as standard an audible and visual raised hopper warning, battery capacity, and a water level gauge. In addition data can be downloaded via a USB stick, showing a range of information including average sweeping times.

A full CANbus integrated door mounted control pad allows the operator to safely adjust all the sweep options.

The new MaxPowa V65e is equipped with a radio controlled remote pendant allowing the operator to walk completely around the sweeper without having wires to contend with.

The operator can adjust the wide sweep brush easily to extend brush life and can check the surroundings before opening the hopper or tipping.

Designed with Safety in mind

The highly visible, self-engaging body prop provides the operator and service personnel with a safe working environment. The V Range features a wireless radio controller allowing the operator to walk completely around the sweeper. The operator can adjust the wide sweep brush easily and check surrounds before opening the rear door or tipping.

High visibility brush plates and hose sleeves make it easier for the operator to see the brush position. The V Range is also supplied with an LED sweepgear work light as standard and a wide range of additional LED and hazard warning lights are also available.

Additionally, the MaxPowa V65e is also fitted with waterproof IP67 automotive electrical connectors for enhanced reliability. MaxPowa V65e models have equipment storage lockers on both sides of the hopper for storage of hydrant or Wanderhose extension tubes. 

Designed with the Operator in mind

The in-cab centre console featuring cup holders and USB charging points can be adjusted to suit the operators preference. The 7” colour JVM screen is mounted on an articulated arm allowing tilt angle and rotation to be adjusted without the need for any tools. The JVM has a wide range of settings that can be tailored to suit the operational needs.

The ergonomic door controller can be used for all sweeping operations, brush position, pressure, speed, nozzle aperture and water jets. A heavy duty pause button allows the operator to lift all the sweepgear until depressed again. This allows the operator to change from sweeping to transit in a quick and easy way. The V Range remembers the last sweeping settings used each time.

Water Purging system as standard

Water purging system so that when freezing weather conditions are anticipated, water is easily and conveniently drained from the sweeper by a simple in-cab switch. Water jets in the nozzle boxes are self-cleaning which extends the life of the components.

Up to 410 gallons

The V Range has a 410-gallon stainless steel water tank integrated in the lower portion of the hopper. The MaxPowa V65e uses yellow mist atomizing jets to reduce water usage by 20%, alternatively red nozzle jets with higher flow are available for heavier applications. 

Up to 3600mm with simultaneous sweep option

The MaxPowa V65e offers up to 3600mm swept width with the simultaneous sweep option (for dual sweep machines only), set almost flat makes short work of light application surface cleaning.

Class Leading Features


Charging capacity of 44kW

The V65e is fitted with two 22 kW on-board chargers giving a charge capacity of 44 kW with fastest possible charging time of 4-5 hours. An optional 3-phase 5 pin charging cable is available in either 32A or 63A, and the sweeper can be charged from various standard 415V AC 3-Phase industrial sockets. The AC charging connector is a Type 2, capable of charging from any supply, such as  motorway services or street side chargers.

VE652 Charging cable

 63A 3 Phase 5 Pin Cable / 44kW charging 10-100%   Charge Time: 4-5 hours

 32A 3 Phase 5 Pin Cable / 22kW charging 10-100%   Charge Time: 8-9 hours

Operational Preformance

200 kWh battery capacity

Matching battery capacity and power to allow an IC engine sweeper performance is the goal and this is achieved with a large 200 kWh battery pack mounted behind the chassis cab. The lithium ion phosphate battery provides 2000 full charging cycles and an on-board battery management system constantly monitors and maintains the temperature and health of all battery cells, balancing them without the need for liquid cooling.

Stainless Steel Hoppers

Bucher Municipal is the pioneering street sweeper manufacturer to offer as standard hoppers totally constructed – not just lined – of 1.4003 stainless steel – the very best for this application. Our sweepers provide 250-times better corrosion resistance than standard or even 304 stainless steel. We are also the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a lifetime warranty on our hopper bodies.

Low Water Usage

Extend on-station time

 The V Range uses as standard yellow mist atomizing jets to reduce water usage by 20%, or red nozzle jets with higher flow are available for heavier applications. The optional water recirculation system can save up to 237 gallons of water per day extending the on-station time and reducing the risk of dust going through the fan.

Low Enviromental Impact

Zero Emissions

Producing zero tailpipe emissions and low noise makes the V65e ideal for municipal sweeping and with a driving range of 124 miles on a single charge means that it operates at less than 1 kWh per mile.

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